This portal describes the Http API interfaces provided by the Solaiemes RCS Solution Gateway. The API instantiates and controls a virtual RCS client impersonating a service on top of a RCS-enabled core. Security mechanisms, authorization, end-user confidentiality and other services intended to be customized for specific deployments are left out of the scope.

What is RCS?

RCS is the standard of Rich Communication Suite (RCS) which will enable mobile phone end users to use instant messaging (IM), live video sharing and file share across any mobile phone on any network operator. GSMA offers detailed information about this initiative, and it can be found http://www.gsma.com/rcs/.

This standard makes everyday, mobile to mobile communications more engaging. It brings you closer to the people in your mobile address book by combining all the ways you want to be in touch - Contacts, Chat, File share and Video share. Turn an everyday exchange into something much richer as you: - Share the chat - with one-to-one and group instant messaging. - Share the moment - enhance calls and chat by adding in videos, pictures, music and files.

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